Bob Goss Show
Bob Goss

At one time or another Bob has performed in almost every phase of show business, including night-clubs, cruise ships, resorts, television, radio, films, commercials, college concerts, and conventions. Who knows, he'll probably show up at a rodeo or an opera.

With over two hours of material to draw from, this talented and versatile comedian utilizes monologues, music, characterizations, audience participation and assorted "Shtick" to create a show to please a wide variety of audiences. You get more than a show with get a performer who puts out 110% - every-time.

His shows are difficult to map out. The audience dictates where his show goes, and he leads them there much to their delight. He may open with a song, or have everyone standing up to look under their chairs for a piece of masking tape. He might bring a smile to their face and a tear to their eye with a touching bit about an old man, or have them all joining in a hilarious mello-drama routine that rocks the room.

On stage and off Bob's got the ingredient of "like-ability" that draws people to him, and that's what he likes best. He's a people person; ready to meet your public and cooperate in any way he can to promote your product or show. You'll discover an exciting on-stage performer and a refreshing off-stage personality'.

Whatever he does, your audience can be sure of one thing; they will be thoroughly entertained.


Everyone Gets Into The Act!


Click on Play Button to Watch a 10 Minute Preview of the Bob Goss Show

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