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Remembering Hollywood is a fast paced 90 minute revue that takes audiences down memory lane to those wonderful days of the Hollywood musical. Exciting dance productions, those great songs and some hilarious comedy all staged to keep feet taping and hands clapping.

"Remembering Hollywood" brings the cast on stage as these great stars of the silver screen:

Charlie Chaplin * Carmen Miranda * Marilyn Monroe * Keystone Kops * Mae West * Jayne Mansfield * Shirley Temple * Jean Harlow * Marlene Dietrich * Judy Garland * Betty Grable * Gene Kelly * Ted Lewis and Ann Miller.

Musical numbers from "Singing In The Rain", "Easter Parade", "Flying Down To Rio" and a spectacular salute to the legendary blondes of Hollywood. We've even got a hilarious audience participation "SCREEN TEST" and much more.

This is definitely a fun show.

Remembering Hollywood
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Senior Show Remembering Hollywood
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