Silver Sizzles Revue
Show Reviews

Show Reviews - Silver Sizzles Revue

This senior show is smashingly fantastic as you'll see by reading the reviews from the following:

The Laughlin Press

"It was to be a night of myths falling by the wayside. Like the one about how by the time people get to be 50 or 60 they're all tuckered out, kinda dead from the neck down. I hope my wife looks this good when she gets to be their age. Producer and master of ceremonies, Bob Goss, had everyone smiling and laughing within moments and everyone in the theater knew they were going to have a good time"

The Laughlin Entertainer

"This show has it all...singing, dancing, glamour, comedy and a great troupe of performers"

Casino Entertainment

"There's gold in the golden years for Bob Goss and the cast of The Silver Sizzles Revue which is proven to be a big hit at the Trump Taj Mahal"

Chanhassen Journal

"It's billed as a lively Las Vegas style show with a twist, but it's much more of a 90 minute affirmation that beauty, energy and talent belong to all ages. After watching Bob Goss and his Silver Sizzles Revue we realize it's not age that matters, but attitude and a zest for life. This show is a great time for all"

Atlantic City Press

"This show has it all...singing, dancing, glamour, comedy. Silver Sizzles is a hit for audience members of all ages"

Niagara Falls Review

"Age is the rage in this hilarous musical revue. An exciting musical production. Guaranteed to enchant, delight and entertain . Expect fun, laughter, sizzling dance productions, great songs and beautiful costumes. It's all here in the smash show The Silver Sizzles Revue"

Par-a-dice Casino

"Bob Goss's Silver Sizzles Revue plays to sell out crowds all over the country. Exciting dance productions, songs you love, hilarious comedy and audience participation will leave you wanting more. Don't miss this sell out event that played to standing room crowds on their last visit"

The Press of Atlantic City

"Now in full force and going strong is Bob Goss's Silver Sizzles Revue at the Trump Taj Mahal. Here you can almost expect the unexpected. With audience participation, singing, dancing and the comedy of Bob Goss himself who really knows how to milk an audience, it's a real go for this revue. It will be classified as one of the "up beat" shows for the year in A.C."

The Lancaster Journal

"A number of times, during skits involving input from the seats, Goss asked the audience: "this is stupid, isn't it?" They agreed it was. But they agreed while screaming with laughter and obviously having a great time helping him act out a skit"

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