Show Synopsis

Bob Goss Show Synopsis

Here's one entertainer and comedian that really knows how to please an audience with fun, laughter, audience participation and assorted mayhem. Ideal for convention entertainment, headliner or opening act, Bob can do it all. He's a clean comedian as well as a television commerical actor and comedy actor who can play it serious or as silly as you can get. Just check out his reviews. As an added plus, Bob is also a writer.

Two for the Show

Here's a very entertaining two person revue show filled with comedy and music that's ideal for anyone looking for a variety show or senior show guaranteed to please any audience. Bob Goss and Lydia O'Connor really know their way around a stage. Did we mention, it's affordable. When planning your next convention show or special event contact "Two for the Show". You won't be sorry.

Silver Sizzles Review

Anyone looking for an exciting and entertaining variety stage show, convention entertainment, casino show or senior show look no further. Silver Sizzles is one traveling variety show and senior theatrical production with a coast to coast proven track record as a hit casino show, convention show and dinner theater production for over 12 years now. Beautiful costumes, exciting dance productions, great songs and some hilarious comedy make Silver Sizzles one revue show worth contacting.

Albert Einstein Motivational Speaker

Albert Einstein motivational speaker is ideal as your next convention speaker or business meeting speaker. Professor Einstein as your humorous speaker will bring thought provoking messages of inspiration mixed in with lots of laughter and fun. Remember, an inspirational message doesn't have to be serious to be effective. Mix that message with humor and it'll be remembered for a long, long time. When planning your next meeting think of the professor and get in touch.

The Remembering Hollywood Show

This is one revue show that'll bring back memories of the golden days of the Hollywood musical. This musical production is a senior show with great audience acclaim as a casino revue at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City. Take offs on Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Ann Miller, Carmen Miranda, Marilyn Monroe and many many more stars gives this show a real entertainment plus. If you're looking for a variety show with glitz and glamour to remind us of the great days of the Hollywood musical then "Remembering Hollywood" is up your alley.

ELVIS has not left the building

Jeff Krick's ELVIS is perfect. You sang his songs. You danced to his music. Some of you even got "the" haircut. Bob opens the show with his comedy before introducing Jeff who gives an hour of exciting ELVIS.

SINATRA | ol' blue eyes is back

Tony Sands does a fantastic "SINATRA". So good you'd think Frank was in the room. Bob Goss opens the show with 30 minutes of comedy before introducing Tony who does about an hour of Sinatra. We utilize a big screen and show video of Sinatra's career as Tony weaves his songs in and out. It's really a terrific show. All music is recorded, however, depending on the budget, we can also do it with a live orchestra.

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