Even before the show starts you'll find Bob Goss walking through the audience making friends and getting everyone ready for a good time.. Before you know it the jokes are flying and everyone is getting into the act.

Lydia O'Connor adds that touch of glamour and excitement the minute she is introduced. Looking and sounding fabulous she weaves her way from one hit to another with songs you know and love.

Bob's back with more side splitting comedy and some hilarious audience participation routines that you'll be talking about long after the show is over.

With a life time in show business, Bob appeared in many television commercials, headlined revue shows from Atlantic City to Nevada and was a cruise director for Carnival Cruise Line for i2- years. He loves his audiences and it shows "every time".

Lydia appeared for years in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. She worked with such stars as Al Martino, Jerry Lewis, Steve & Edie and was part of the famous Fischer & Marks comedy team. She also appeared in the Silver Sizzles Revue for ten years.

"TWO FOR THE SHOW" is a sure bet and a really good time.


Watch the Fun in Action...

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